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Who Delivers the Biggest Bang for Your Online Traffic & Advertising Buck?

TrafficTesters® tests, rates and reviews top traffic sources and online ad vendors so you can buy results - not empty promises!

Driving qualified visitors to your website is the hardest part of running an online business. And there are thousands of companies that promise you this hard-to-get traffic for a fee.

As a neutral 3rd party, we test these companies' claims and measure the quality of paid traffic delivered to your website. That's right! We spend our own money testing actual, active campaigns - just like yours - so the results are as real as they get.

"The Consumer Reports of Online Advertising!"

- Jeff Moses

Promises, Promises

Traffic and advertising sources attract clients like you based on promises. How can you tell if they're delivering results - or hot air?

  • Our tests make sure they deliver the minimum traffic numbers promised.

It's All About Quality

  • Raw traffic numbers are great for websites that aren't making a direct sale, like a blog. For the rest of us, paid traffic with no sales is wasted money. Who cares if a paid source drives 100,000 visitors to your website if no one buys your product or service? We track the number of sales and the dollar amount per sale to help quantify traffic quality and ROI.

TrafficTesters will show you which traffic sources and online advertising vendors to avoid - and which ones you can trust to deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

What Key Statistics can you get from TrafficTesters Through Reports?

  • Which Sources Are The Biggest Waste of Money
  • Cheapest Advertising Sources
  • Highest Conversion Rate
  • Lowest Cost Per Website Visitor
  • Best R.O.I. (return on investment)

"9 of 10 Advertisers Steal Your Dollars!"

Don't Let it Happen to You

  • Pay Per Click
    (google, yahoo!, bing and more!)
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Classifieds (Free & Paid)
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Email Marketing
  • Purchased Leads
  • Solo Ads
  • Static Text Links
  • Banner Advertising
  • Text Link Advertising
  • Guaranteed Signup's
  • Directory Submission Software / Services
  • Search Engine Submission Software
  • Blasters
  • Safelists
  • Ezine Advertising
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Over 3500 Satisfied Customers
Can't Be Wrong

Who is TrafficTesters?

Since 2005, our mission has been to test and review a variety of online traffic and advertising sources for our members. We spend thousands of dollars each month to investigate who delivers ON their promises, and who delivers hype.

Why waste your time and advertising dollars on trial and error when we've done it for you?

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